June 13

Well, sort of June 13. It depends on your perspective … we’re flying south over Siberia and Kamchatka and the Gulf of Shelekova, so we’ve crossed the date line. My body and brain think it’s still around 8:00 Monday evening. It’s Tuesday morning in Hong Kong and India. I suppose we’re somewhere in between. It’s a bit surreal. They turned down the cabin lights and closed the window shades and it’s all faint blue mood lighting. Rather Tron-like in here. It finally hit me that I’m on vacation when the flight attendant put the appetizer course – yes, it was a multi-course meal including the post-entree cheese course before tiramisu – in front of me. A real metal knife, glassware, the works. I didn’t think that was done any more. Maybe it was that I’d not really eaten for 18 hours, but it was delightful.

Seven hours to go. I’m not sure if I should sleep or try to stay awake. Sleeping now would encourage my body to think it’s time to sleep when it’s around 9am India time – not good. I also want to be rested enough when we reach Mumbai that I’m thinking straight enough to make it to our connecting flight.

Quite a contrast to go from a tiny seat in the back of coach a Horizon turboprop to a business class, well cubicle for lack of a better word, on the upper deck of a 747. This thing is gigantic. I saw a Korean Air cargo 747 taxi by the Q400 we were about to board in Seattle. The giant blue plane looked like a whale gliding past a skinny little dolphin. It’s been a while since I’ve been on anything other than a short haul 737 or smaller. It seemed to take forever to lumber up to speed and off the ground.

… and it’s dawn. The cabin lights slowly shifted from dim blue to a warm golden glow. Mental note – next time when they dim the lights, sleep while you can. I had just laid down and closed my eyes when the lights started coming up. Oh well. Now we get dinner&breakfast???

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